Lens Based Artist, Lizane Louw

b. 1977

South African / Namibian born in Cape Town
Based in Berlin, Germany
Available for commissions and assignments, internationally.


As a lens-based artist, my passion for photography has taken me on an incredible journey of exploration and discovery around the world. I am inspired by my experiences as a traveller and adventure seeker, and my desire to capture and document the stories of the places and people I encounter has led me on an incredible path.

My road with photography starts with a childhood memory of Namibia. Four small, framed photographs of an abandoned mining village in the desert sparked a lifelong fascination with image-making. Today, my work is centred around the idea of being an invisible witness to events, capturing moments as they unfold in front of me.

With each photograph I create, I aim to tell a story. From my early days in hard news and photojournalism, to my current work in slow multimedia journalism and photography, I am constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with my camera. I seek out interesting situations with good light, and am always switched on, ready to capture the moment and to share stories.

My love for the visual arts has led me down many paths, from textile printing with natural dyes on organic cotton, to experimenting with abstract minimalist landscapes inspired by the greats like Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock. Through it all, my work explores the human condition and our relationship with nature.

As a photographer and artist, I am not just creating images and prints, I am experimenting with visual language and storytelling. My work reflects who we are as humans, and I am happy to share my photographs, stories, and designs with you. 

Thank you for looking at my work.

My name is Lizane. I am a photographer, journalist and designer.

My studio is based in Berlin. I put the environment first with all my projects and also in my personal life and way of living. 




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