On prints

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What paper do you print your work on?

Hahnemühle German Etching is the Giclee paper of choice for our prints for this second collection.

Hahnemühle German Etching paper is a heavyweight Giclée art printing paper with an off-white, slightly warm tone. It has a tactile, well-defined felt structure that can hold more ink and capture light for vibrant colours and deep blacks, resulting in rich, high-contrast prints.

This textured paper offers a handmade feel and is made from 100% alpha cellulose. It weighs 310 gsm, has a matte finish, is acid-free, lignin-free, and meets ISO 9706 standards for museum-quality and age resistance. It's a popular choice among fine art printing papers.

Hahnemüle is a company that priorities sustainable options for its materials, and this paper from the Matt FineArt Textured line is a high quality fine art paper.

The paper makers from Germany are pioneers in fine art printing. For this line of fine art papers we use, Hahnemüle use environmentally sustainable material. This fact makes it our paper maker of choice. We can create high-quality work while being environmentally conscious and putting sustainability first.

Hahnemühle is dedicated to producing exceptional, long-lasting paper with a strong focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Their commitment to quality extends to respecting the environment, employees, and suppliers, as well as fostering cooperative relationships with clients globally.

What sizes are available for your fine art prints?

We offer a range of sizes for our fine art prints, including small, medium, and large options. Read our curation guide and blue print for our collections.

What is bespoke work?

A bespoke work is a customized artwork created to fit a client's specific needs and preferences. This could include adjusting the printed work's size, colour, or material to match a particular space or aesthetic. Our gallery offers bespoke creations, and we are happy to discuss your requirements to create a unique fine art print just for you. Get in contact if you would like to see examples of our large format bespoke work.

On frames

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What framing options to you offer?

When framing our prints, we use the finest sustainable materials and solid woods in our fine art framing range, from black and white contemporary frames to traditional walnut and oak frames. The frames are mounted and come with normal white glass. If you choose, we can frame the work with anti-reflective glass. Check product details.

We do offer bespoke framing options. For that you need to set up a consultation session.

How do I choose the right frame for my print if I only buy a print?

When selecting a frame for your print, consider the style and colour of the frame in relation to the artwork and the space where it will be displayed. A classic, neutral frame can complement a variety of artworks. Our focus is on enhancing the image, so we keep our frames simple. We want to focus to be on the work, not the frame.

We offer various framing and mounting options. We do acrylic printing, metal prints, photo prints and then Giclee prints too. Our prints can be made in various colours and finishes. Our bespoke framing and printing is done here in Berlin, and if you need help choosing a frame, please contact us directly; we will be happy to assist you.

Artist recommendation: If you want to insure longevity of an investment piece, speak to a local framer and invest in archival framing and museum quality, non reflective glass.

Where can I find frames for my print?

This is an very important question and this questions also guided our sizing.

Framing is a very personal choice. We offer framed and unframed work. Our prints are available framed in the gallery shop and are made from the finest solid woods.

Contact us for a consultation for bigger sizes, A1 and our bespoke work. Bigger works get our attention, and we ensure the highest quality materials. If framing is done by us, time consideration is important.

For large and bespoke works, we offer a range of framing options for our prints, including wood, metal, and acrylic frames in various colours and finishes.

If you buy an unframed print, we recommend selecting a high-quality, acid-free frame specifically designed for fine art prints. If you are starting a collection, we suggest consulting with a professional framer to ensure your photo is appropriately framed and remains protected over time. Conservation framing ensures longevity.

Our gallery collection is created so that it would be effortless to find frames.

Also, A-size frames are a popular option in most countries outside Europe. Frames can be bought online and from local art shops and suppliers.

On fine art photography

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What is fine art photography?

Fine art photography is a artistic photographic genre where work is created with the intention of expressing the photographer's artistic vision and personal style.

With my work and the prints I sell as fine art, I go further than what is in front of my lens or capturing a subject or event. I am inspired by lines, texture, shapes, form and color; you will find these fine art elements in all of my work. I experiment with fine art photography and creative framing and the emphasises for me is placed on the aesthetic qualities of the photographic image.

My work I make available as fine art photographs are meant to be viewed as a works of art and mostly produced in limited editions to ensure exclusivity and value.

The fine art collections we create at Studio Lizane Louw are made using high-quality materials and printing techniques to ensure longevity and preserve the integrity of the image. We prefer not cropping any images, unless we use creative printing techniques guided by the designs of the frames and passe-partout.

How do I know if a print is authentic?

At Studio Lizane Louw, all of our prints come with a certificate of authenticity, which includes information about the artist, the title of the work, the edition number, and the printing date.

For bespoke work, the certificate is signed by Lizane to ensure authenticity and provenance. It is important to note that when you invest in fine art prints or any fine art for that matter, authenticating the value of your investment is essential. Check if the work you buy comes with a certificate of authenticity.

How do I care for a framed fine art print?

It is important to care for your framed art prints. Display the work away from direct sunlight that can cause fading and discolouration and in a cool dry place.

I personally recommend UV-resistant glass to protect the print from damage that can be done by sunlight. Anti reflective glass is also recommended.

Avoid touching the print's printed surface with bare hands. If possible handle it by the edges of the white border with white gloves. Avoid using any chemical products or water on the print, this will damage your artwork.

On sustainability

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Are your products eco-friendly and sustainable?

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, and our products are created sustainably and eco-friendly materials. We work with a fully end-to-end carbon-neutral printing partner to ensure all prints and framed artworks (and their delivery) are certified carbon-neutral.

All papers and wood-based materials used in our products are sourced from Forestry Stewardship Council-certified and from sustainable sources.

We also ensure that packaging materials are created with minimal environmental impact and we use a mixture of biodegradable, recycled and re-usable materials. Our packaging is designed to reduce waste and keep your artwork protected during transit from the printers to your door.

If we handle the printing ourselves, our commitment to susustainability continues. We only work with printers and suppliers that share our mission and values.

What is your commitment to the environment and sustainability?

We are a business build on sustainability. We are environmental activists and support sustainable businesses and we aim to have a minimum impact on the enviroment.

The materials we use to produce our prints have been carefully selected to reduce our environmental impact while ensuring our prints get to our clients in perfect condition.

We are putting the environment first with not only our prints, but in our way of working, producing and printing the work. Sustainability is important to us. Our art print and frame order deliveries are carbon neutral, and the carbon emissions caused by order deliveries are calculated. If unavoidable, the emissions are offset by investing in renewable energy projects.

On returns

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What should I do if my fine art print or frame arrives damaged?

If your print or frame arrives damaged, don't hesitate to contact us immediately. Send an email with pictures of the damage to the work. We will replace the work free of cost if the damage is confirmed with photographic proof via email.

If the work can’t be replaced for what ever reason, we will arrange a refund upon receiving the returned damaged artwork and the certificate of authenticity received with the delivery of the work in the original packaging. Don't hesitate to get in contact.